Music is an integral part of our worship and liturgies at Holy Comforter.  All three Sunday morning liturgies are enriched with musical offerings that are given for the greater glory of God.  Throughout the history of the universal Church, music has transcended many barriers and obstacles by transporting its faithful to new and exciting dimensions in a collective effort to glorify God through music.  At Holy Comforter, we strive for excellence through our music which plays an important role as an expression of faith that binds us together as a community.  Each week from September to late May/early June, the Adult Choir leads the congregation in the singing of hymns and portions of the liturgy.  The choir's anthems span from the 16th to 21st centuries and help to illuminate the appropriate texts of our liturgies inspiring our worshipers in a deeper knowledge and understanding of the texts before us.  We welcome musically talented parishioners to participate in our Children's and Adults Choirs and additional instrumental ensembles.