Youth Update

Church School

Mite boxes in a basketThe children in our Church School followed the Lenten calendar provided to them and placed coins in their mite boxes for the suggested offering. They had fun adding a coin for the various prompts: a coin for every shoe in their home, or the number of telephones or TVs or the miles driven that day. The end result was over $200 that will be contributed to Bishop Lee's request for funds to purchase uniforms for children in Africa. Without the specified uniform these children are not allowed to attend school.


Save the date!    Filling Easter baskets
April 23 Lock-In at Holy Comforter. Adult Chaperones needed. Please contact Mary Johnson if you are available to help.
On April 11, "Moses" will visit the classroom to share the trials and tribulations of his exodus from Egypt. Though not as musical as "Joseph" was, he promises to be very informative.
In March, our 4-5-6 Students helped assemble the Easter Baskets that were given to the children at Cathedral Shelter.

Junior High School

The student written, produced and directed film of The Prodigal Son was premiered in March in the classroom complete with red carpet and popcorn. The students in the younger grades of our Church School had an opportunity to see it as well. It was perfect timing that the premier coincided with the Prodigal Son text in the Gospel reading for that day. When proper releases are obtained, we hope to have it available for your viewing on the website.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

The families of ATB and B contributed all the contents of the Easter Baskets that were donated to the children residing at the Cathedral Shelter apartments. The baskets were very full and each made personal with monogrammed  canvas bags. Once again, the generous spirit of the families is most appreciated.
We have completed the first phase of registration for the 2010-2011 school year and have full classes once again. There are a few placements remaining for the Mommy and Me classes and those always fill during the summer months.