Wednesday Adult Class in Lent

by Fr. Chris Hardman

The Wednesday Adult Class will continue during Lent with an emphasis on Spiritual Practice. As John Westerhoff, Richard Rohr, and many others continue to say: You can't think your may into a new way of acting; you have to act your way into a new way of thinking. If we want to move into a new consciousness we have to act our way into it. That means practicing "as if" it is true until it becomes true. Each Wednesday in March we will introduce a new way of "Practice" and then actually practice it together.

If you would like to "Let go and Let God," as we often say, this is one way to begin.

March 4: Lectio Divina

March 11: Centering Prayer

March 18: Welcoming Prayer

March 25: We will choose one of the above to repeat or introduce a new one.