Wednesday Adult Class

by Chris Hardman

This winter we will begin a new series focused on a deeper understanding of God that we call "Trinity." I have been talking about the church's recovery of the Doctrine of the Trinity for several years now. Recently, Richard Rohr, popular religious writer, has come out with a new book, The Divine Dance. This book is Fr. Rohr's attempt at trying to understand this doctrine, along with his attempt to show us what this means for our lives. 

Our renewed interest in this 4th century doctrine of the church was brought about through more recent discoveries in quantum physics. As physics goes, so goes theology.  Sir Isaac Newton's explanation of what we now call "classic physics" greatly influenced theology for some 400 years. Now, we are moving into a new era of physics called "quantum physics," and that understanding happens to fit quite nicely with our understanding of God as Trinity.

Therefore, our Wednesday Adult Class will study The Divine Dance together so as to solidify our grasp of this wonderful way of understanding God.  Then we will read William Paul Young's second book, Crossroads, in order to see how this recovered understanding of God works out in real life.  William Paul Young, author of The Shack, is very much in tune with this understanding of God as Trinity. All of his books reflect this understanding of God. 

We begin this adventure on Wednesday, January 11th, at 9:45 a.m. Typically in this class you do not have to read the books to participate.  While that will still be true, we hope you will take a look at these books-especially the novel, Crossroads. The books can be purchased online or through any book store.  If you would like for me to order books for you, please email me at We will also have limited copies in our library.