Tennis Guild

Our purpose... 

Through the fellowship and sportsmanship inherent in the game of tennis, to
foster enduring relationships within the Greater Holy Comforter Community of
Faith, both on and off the court. . .
To accomplish it's mission, The Tennis Guild:
1. Hosts social and semi-competitive events that are open to all parishioners
who enjoy the game of tennis, whether they are'currently active players,
former players, mere fans ofthe game or non-playing friends of
2. Sponsors post match potluck dinners at members' homes, picnic buffets
along side the courts or gatherings at local establishments.
3. Promotes private play among and between members by providing a
roster of potential partners and opponents.
4. Assists financially needy members with limited means from its scholarship
fund to help them shoulder some ofthe expenses associated with its
events, so as to make them more affordable and accessible to all
interested parishioners.
5. Encourages maximum interaction among event participants through
various game and partner formats, such as "flighting" to place players
with similar skills and experience with one another to build confidence
and comfort level.
6. Seeks constant member feedback in order to make the totality of its
events an enjoyable and fun experience for anyone who wishes to play.
7. Acts as an unofficial arm of the New Members Committee by assisting in
the recruitment and integrationinto the Parish of new members.
8. Reflects the active vibrant nature of the Parish, thereby contributing
toward the recruitmentof prospective new clergy.
9. Affords the Parish's tennis playing youth an opportunity to interact with
their parents and other adults in a neutral-environment, if they so desire.
10. Provides instructors for Good News Partners youth tennis clinics.
11. Challenges its members to practice the Christian values they profess to
believe each Sunday in the context ofthe game's naturally competitive
Conceived in 1996, The Tennis Guild is an off budget, self funded, lay driven
and directed fellowship group under the auspices and support of the Vestry's Parish
Life Fellowship chairperson's portfolio-administrative jurisdiction. Today it stands
as the Parish's only intergenerational fellowship group that provides an avenue by
which our diverse membership may meet and become friends with people they
would not otherwise get to know.
Respectfully submitted,
Sid Condit

Pictures from past tournaments...

Founders: Ann Heynen & Sid Condit
Let the games begin
Chow time at the Crays
May the best man win
J. Armstrong: Service with a smile

Founders: Ann Heynen & Sid Condit

Founders: Ann Heynen & Sid Condit