St. Helen's Guild

Over 20 years ago St. Helen's Guild was formed to support St. Gregory's Episcopal School, an inter-city school of mostly African American young boys K-8. With this commitment, the Guild provided volunteers, helped with an annual Christmas Party where books were given to the students and money was given to the school

In 2010, St. Gregory's merged with Holy Family Lutheran School in Chicago. The school is housed in a beautiful new facility, which has been a wonderful experience for the St. Gregory boys. Holy Family School is a coeducational elementary institution for Grades K through 8. It continues to educate inter-city children and relies on the generosity of many Episcopal and Lutheran churches throughout Chicago for its existence!

St. Helen's Guild continues to support the work of Holy Family School by donating money and books. All members are requested to be a part of the Guild's fund-raising efforts in continued support of the students at Holy Family

As a social fellowship organization, St. Helen's does meet throughout the year for meals, special events and fellowship, including a summer party, a pizza party and a Christmas Brunch. Events are held in parishioners' homes and a fee is charged to cover expenses. Guests are always welcome and often a spokesperson from Holy Family will attend these special events to share the latest happenings at the school.

In addition, some members regularly meet for breakfast on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 a.m. at the Northfield Café.

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