Stewardship in Lent?

by Marc Farnson, Canvass Chair

When I was in college, my roommate (coincidentally, an Episcopalian) and I decided that for Lent we would put a quarter in a jar every time we swore and at Easter donate it our parish. As cash strapped collegians, we hoped that by focusing on being able to control our actions and speech, we wouldn't really be "out" very much. But this was after all college and we soon realized that another jar would be needed! Life has gone on, but Lent still rolls around every year and like my college experience, many of us try to focus on improving a part of our lives and/or sacrificing something. Even though during Lent we may be focusing our thoughts inward, this time is also useful to reflect upon, and hopefully embrace, Christian values of stewardship. As we try to improve our own lives, giving can be a way of impacting and helping others. If you are prone to giving up something, instead of just foregoing that indulgence, put what you would have spent on it to the work of our Lord in doing good. Lent remains a time to pause and remember that all comes from God, which is an action cry to give willingly and share abundantly. Maybe that Lenten practice back in college wasn't such a bad idea after all.