Solemn Communicants

"This is How We Roll!"

The Holy Eucharist is a central part of our lives at Holy Comforter and many of our Church School children receive Communion regularly. In fact, the children have said that this is their favorite part of children's chapel. The happily hold out their hands to receive this great gift from God, the bread of heaven. Even without words to explain what it all means, they seem to know the power of being so intimately connected to God, like a branch is to a vine.

We began last month the Solemn Communion class for our current third grader students. We do not call this class First Communion, because, as we have said, many of our children have been receiving the sacrament for a long time. Our aim is to create a time and space for our children to gather and ask questions about this mysterious, beautiful, and solemn gift. Third grade is the perfect age for the class, as the children are at an age when they can go more deeply into the meaning of gift.

Also, this program begins just months before these children will begin attending church in the larger sanctuary with their families.

On Sunday, April 27th, behind the scenes, as well as the great divide between the kitchen and Great Hall pass-thru, thirteen Solemn Communion candidates and their shepherd, Bill Haljun, met to begin their learning by baking the bread we use for Communion. The day's bounty will be presented by the children on Mother's Day, May 11th, at our Youth Sunday. These same children will continue their theological reflection on the blessed sacrament next fall during Sunday school when they are fourth graders. In those classes they will wonder, reflect, and engage theologically as well as touch and handle the elements, such as the chalice and paten we use each Sunday morning.

It pretty safe to say the children and their instructor had a lively first lesson. Please keep them in their prayers as they continue their study. Here is a glimpse into their day.