The Society of the Dove

by The Rev. Dr. Jason Parkin, Rector

By now, hopefully all are aware of the creation of The Society of the Dove, the organization within Holy Comforter of those who have remembered the parish in their estate plans or wills. This church has been immeasurably blessed by the generosity and faithfulness of many parishioners throughout its history. Some of these people were well known to many of us, while others are completely anonymous. Their legacy of commitment and service to, and financial support for, this church is the foundation upon which we stand and seek to grow. We are truly fortunate that prior generations established the rich tradition of faithful dedication that continues to flourish today. Now we-the current members of Holy Comforter-have the opportunity to create a legacy and leave a gift that will long outlast our time and physical presence here in the parish.

All those who inform the parish by the end of December, 2015, of their intention to dedicate part of their estates to Holy Comforter will be included as Founding Members of the Society, and will be recognized both at special events each year and on a permanent plaque in the church hallway. If you have already included Holy Comforter in your plans, or will do so before the end of the year, please make sure to notify me so that you can be included in the Society.

If Holy Comforter has been a place of joy, comfort, or growth for you; if your life has been changed and shaped by your experiences as part of this parish family, please help us insure that this Church will be able to provide the same nourishment and community for others decades after we are all gone from this holy place. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any questions.

On behalf of the Vestry and the Planned Giving Committee, thank you for your thoughtful consideration and for your dedication to, and love of, Holy Comforter.

Fr. Jason