The Society of the Dove

Dear Parishioners of Holy Comforter,

Shortly after my wife Sandy and I moved to Kenilworth in 1996, we walked down the street to attend church at Holy Comforter. We had recently moved from Connecticut (with an 18 month stop in Chicago) where we had attended an Episcopal Church in Darien. What we found was a familiar, warm and welcoming environment. A short time later, Father Myers came to visit, and I recall him sitting on a small couch in our living room like it was yesterday. Having just moved in, I think the couch was the only furniture in the room.

Over the years our three daughters were confirmed through Holy Comforter, and Cece, our youngest, was baptized there as well. Lindsay, Margaux and Cece attended Sunday school at Holy Comforter, participated in mission trips and sang in the youth choir. Lindsay and Margaux served as youth lay readers, although Cece missed the opportunity (Mom and Dad must have dropped the ball). Sandy and I have each served on the vestry, and I have served as junior and senior warden. Sandy has participated in many groups and retreats at church. Like many families, the church has been major part of our lives. 

Most important, however, over the years we built wonderful relationships with Holy Comforter families. It is a joy to see a member of Holy Comforter, whether at church, the grocery store or a Northwestern football game. We know that the extended Holy Comforter family has been with us in our time of need, and I can assure your it has been needed, in times of illness, as well as in times of celebration: births/graduations/birthdays. 

Given the strong and meaningful connection we have to Holy Comforter, Sandy and I have included Holy Comforter in our estate plans by naming the church as one of the beneficiaries of our IRA. Our hope is that we can help the church in the years ahead as those before us helped make the church what it is for us. I hope that you will consider including Holy Comforter in your estate plans and join us and other families as inaugural members of the Society of the Dove.

With Love,

David Boles

For further information on how you, too, can become a founding member of The Society of the Dove, please contact Father Jason Parkin. Information materials may be found on our website,, or in the Parish Office. Thank you for your consideration of this very important and meaningful way to share your gifts as well as our combined legacies.