Summertime Stress?

We like to think of summer as being a relaxing, enjoyable time. But hurts, struggles, crises, and problems don't take a vacation. Many times our difficulties seem even worse during the summer because everyone else seems to be enjoying life while you are feeling down. If you are experiencing a difficult time-emotionally, spiritually, or relationally-you don't have to suffer alone. Our Stephen Ministers are trained caregivers, ready to listen, care for and encourage you, and pray with and for you. Our Stephen Ministers will help you chart a road map through your difficulty or transition. Men are matched with male Stephen Ministers, and women are matched with female Stephen Ministers. It's free. It's confidential. And it will make a difference in your life!

To find out more about Stephen Ministry for you or someone you know, talk with one of the clergy or one of our Stephen Ministry Leaders: 

Carrie Smart, Stephen Ministry Referral Coordinator 847-501-3954
Jean Britt, Stephen Leader Team Coordinator 847-256-2372