Stephen Ministry Training

by Cindy Mancillas, Stephen Ministry

What does 50 hours of training look like for our Stephen Ministers?

Over the next several weeks, seven of our parishioners will undertake the 50-hour training course to join the Stephen Ministry. The tools they will develop will help a fellow parishioner discover new ways of living or thinking and achieve new equilibrium as well as new growth. They will learn how to trust in God's love as they journey with a fellow parishioner who is going through a difficult life transition.

The classes will focus on topics such as, The Art of Listening, Confidentiality, and Distinctly Christian Caring. The strength of the Stephen Ministry is to be able to offer caring that is confidential, one-to-one and most of all, non-judgmental. The Stephen Ministers are trained to really listen with out making any judgments on emotions and thoughts. The Stephen Ministers are trained to help you express feelings, doubts and questions while inviting you to trust in God to bring healing and wholeness. How is Stephen Ministry caring distinctively Christian? The training underscores the Christ-centered focus with the motto, "The Stephen Minister is the caregiver, and God is the curegiver."

Please keep our Stephen Minister trainees:

Lisa Abrams
Eric Beatty
Emily Berlinghof
Margo Browne
Alicia Prewitt Hilton
Stacy Hunt
Susan Newsome
in your prayers as they nurture their gifts and acquire new skills so that they can bring Christ's love and care to hurting people on behalf of our congregation. We are blessed to have them join this unique ministry of love, faith and hope.