Stephen Ministry

The Ministry of Listening

Take a moment to think back on a time that you felt really cared for and understood. Chances are that you recall someone focused on you, your thoughts and emotions-listening, really listening-not telling you what to do or what to feel.

Listening is a powerful ministry tool for Stephen Ministers. Stephen Ministers have been trained to listen to their Care Receivers thoughts, feelings and concerns. This includes six active concepts of listening.

Active: Stephen Ministers listen to what is being said, not focusing on what to say next.

Patient: Stephen Ministers patiently listen to allow the Care Receiver to open up as they feel more comfortable over time.

Focus: Stephen Ministers listen to the words said but also those left unsaid.

Clarification: Stephen Ministers restate what is being said to focus on the key thoughts the Care Receiver is sharing.

Time: Stephen Ministers will stay with their Care Receiver for as many weeks or months as the Care Receiver needs.

Confidentiality: All conversations with Care Receivers remain CONFIDENTIAL to Stephen Ministers.

How Do I Contact a Stephen Minister? If you have any questions or would like to discuss a Stephen Minister relationship, please contact one of the clergy or please call either Carrie Smart, Stephen Ministry Referral Coordinator 847-501-3954 or Stephen Leader Team Coordinator, Jean Britt 847-256-2372.