I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together...

One of my all time favorite shows from the past is the Carol Burnett Show. You could always count on it to provide an enjoyable evening's entertainment.  The standard close at the end of the show was the song I'm so glad we had this time together.  As I write this article for the May Newsletter, it sums up how I feel about this school year.

I AM glad we had this time together.  The energy and enthusiasm on Sunday mornings is such a joy. The second line of the Carol Burnett song is: just to have a laugh or sing a song. And we've done that too. There have been serious moments in our lessons on Sunday but we've had our share of laughs too. We've had terrific teachers, clergy who have shared the Eucharist with us in a very meaningful way, inspiring Children's Chaplains, and music to raise the roof. We've lined the ceilings with nets, covered walls with lessons and played some games. We've learned a little more about each other and our faith community.  On Mother's Day, the parish will recognize the teachers, chaplains, musicians and staff who have contributed so generously of their time and talents this year.  Please note their names listed a the end of this article and when you see them here at Holy Comforter or out and about in the community, please extend your gratitude to them.

"Seems we just get started and before you know it, comes the time we have to say so long" .....so the song goes. That's the way I feel about May. How many teachers and parents say at this point of the year "how did we get here so quickly?"  There are three classroom Sundays remaining, then Pentecost and Baptism and before you know it, it's Memorial Day weekend.  So I am indeed glad we had this time together. But you don't have to say so long.....!  We're still here: every Sunday, rain or shine, indoors or out!

All Things Bright and Beautiful

At the close of this school year, ATB and B celebrates 15 years of excellence in Early Childhood Education. This vital ministry of Holy Comforter has introduced so many families to this parish, many of whom have become parishioners.  An Open House will be held form 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. on May 23rd. All are welcome to attend. Following the Open House, we will march in the Memorial Day Parade!

With Sincere Gratitude

Thank you to these individuals who have been a part of our Sunday School Program:  Robin Hungler, Laura Koh, Kristin McClamroch, Megan Mrozinski, Lydia Marti Porter, Karen and Gregg Anderson, Caroline Burns, Margo and Vince Browne, Melinda and Bill Hurley, Courtney VandeVelde, Tamara Tangney, Alec Dike and Siobhan Flynn, Kathryn and John Mangel, Allegra Biery, Laura Linen, Mark and Reed Richardson, Amy and Scott Wilkin, Janet Beatty, Charlie Wise, Marcia Cleveland and Mark Green, Stacey Caywood, Jane Fraleigh, Colette Kenyon, Heidi Ziomek, Stephen Citari,  Cricket Lind, John and Julia Hinshaw, Bill Haljun, Melissa Perrin, Oscar and Melissa David, Steve Crawford, Ann Barrett, Jon Bunge, Tom D'Arcy, Cyndi Chase, Mark Franson, Mark Piekos, Youna Cho.

      Students in Grades 4-5-6 experience a Passover Seder

                           Derek Nickels with students in ATB and B