Members of the Choir

This past February 21, 2010 on the First Sunday of Lent, the choir led the congregation in Choral Matins at the 9:00 a.m. liturgy.  This liturgy was designed to incorporate the Lenten themes previously found in our traditional Lenten Evensong which had been in the late afternoon of one of the Sundays in Lent but now offered in the morning so more parishioners could attend.  This year's liturgy incorporated music from the English Refomation:  Lord, for thy tender mercy's sake by Richard Farrant, O Lord, increase my faith by Orlando Gibbons, All people that on earth do dwell by Thomas Tallis, the Magnificat and Nunc dimittis from Orlando Gibbons' Short Service in A-flat, and Miserere mei by William Byrd.  Pictured above are: front row: Derek E. Nickels, Director of Music; Jenny Case (alto), Dorothy Jean Lloyd (alto), Jean-Jacques Bernard (bass), Betty Harre (soprano), Stacey Kezios (soprano), Mary Phillips (alto), Leila Bowie (soprano), and Ray Gonzales (bass); middle row: Sara Litchfield (alto), Sarah Borucki (soprano), Jill Sick (soprano), and David Drane (tenor); back row: David Corlew (bass), Nathan Baglyos (bass), Jay Decker (tenor), and Bill Dwyer (tenor).  The choir is open to all interested parishioners (high school and older) who are interested in participating in the Music Ministry of Holy Comforter.  Please contact Derek Nickels if you are interested.