A Lesson in A Christmas Carol

I went to see the production of A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theater this year. My primary incentive for going was to see one of our Sunday school students, Mackenzie Wilkin, in the show. I hadn't been in over 15 years. We used to alternate years between this production and The Nutcracker when our girls were little. It was a wonderful tradition of Christmas past. I remember this particular show as beautifully staged, but I wasn't prepared for how much it would impact me this year. The poignant performances of the familiar Dickens's lines brought me to tears several times throughout the production. I think it was because the whole premise of Christmas' past, present and future struck an emotional cord more than ever before. The Christmas' past with our two little girls all caught up in the joy of opening presents on Christmas morning are as vivid as ever. And yet here we are at Christmas present which means they we will be home for a couple of days - still the joy of opening presents on Christmas morning - but they are all grown up now with their own places of residence. Christmas present is realizing that half of the 8 siblings in my family are in their 60's. How did that happen? Christmas present is a nephew in the Marines stationed in Afghanistan; a constant worry. Christmas present is knowing people who are still struggling in this economy and hoping Christmas yet to come will find them in a better place. None of us can know what will be in store for Christmas' yet to come but I do know there is one principal that will never change: God's love is present in every day of every year; past, present and yet to come.  

We turn the page on a new calendar......a New Year

Having celebrated Christmas with family and friends we hold dear.

A time of joy, for our savior is born,

Brining hope to last long past Christmas morn.

May our own epiphany be like that of Scrooge;

redemption is found in living into the spirit of the season:

The charity and kindness that we celebrate is real;

the birth of Jesus is the reason.


All Things Bright and Beautiful

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The children of the parish tell the Christmas Story at the Living Crèche and the Christmas Eve Pageant.