Good News Children

Children in Good News Partners' Youth Programs live at Good News Partners' buildings and elsewhere in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood. Many of them have been homeless before coming to Good News Partners. Because so many of thechildren do not thrive in school, they constantly seek better ways to support early and life-long learning.  One such program is Saturday Mornings Kids, and Church of the Holy Comforter is proud to provide this program the first Saturday of each month.

Children engage in arts and crafts, exploratory and educational games, acting in plays, interpretive dance and singing, cooking, cultural and or religious field trips and character development interactive lessons. Generally 15-20 kids participate in structured and hands on activities. 

The Holy Comforter adult volunteer group is led by parishioners Bob and Jody Lapp who organize and provide the activities on a shoestring budget.  They meet at the church at 9:15am and carpool to Good News.  Donations of time and supplies are needed. If you are able to help, or for more information, contact GoodNewsCoordinator.