Aeolian-Skinner Organ

In 1966, the Aeolian-Skinner Organ Company of Boston, Massachusetts, installed their Opus 1455.  The 25-rank instrument contains 1,485 pipes and is playable from a draw-knob console with ivory keys fitted with tracker touch.  Dr. Robert Lodine, Organist-Choirmaster at St. Chrysostom's Episcopal Church in Chicago, and Carilloneur at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, played the dedication recital on November 23, 1966.  This organ has served as the cornerstone for the music ministry at Church of the Holy Comforter.  While the instrument remains intact, the pipework began to be tonally altered in 1975 by James McLin and later by Kurt Roderer in 1980.  In 1992, the Bradford Organ Company moved some of the pipework that had been previously moved to different divisions of the organ over the years to its original placement.  In 2003, the original combination action was replaced with a solid-state combination action and two stops were extended on previously blank stopknobs on the console.  Presently, plans are under way to tonally restore the organ to its original condition.  This instrument is included in Pipe Organs of Chicago, Volume 2 by Stephen J. Schnurr, Jr. and Dennis E. Northway.

GREAT (unenclosed)
Bourdon 16' (from Swell)
Principal 8'
Bordun 8'
Spitzflöte 8' (from Swell)
Octave 4'
Spindleflute 4'
Blockflöte 2'
Rauschquint II
Sesquialtera II
Great 16
Great Unison Off
Great 4

SWELL (enclosed)
Spitzflöte 16' (extension to TC)
Rohrflöte 8'
Viola da Gamba 8'
Viola Celeste 8'
Spitzflöte 8'
Flute Celeste 8
Spitzprincipal 4'
Flûte Harmonique 4'
Plein Jeu III-IV
Hautbois 16' (extension)
Trompette 8'
Hautbois 8'
Schalmei 4'
Swell 16
Swell Unison Off
Swell 4

Resultant 32' (extension)
Contra Bass 16'
Bourdon 16'
Octave 8' (extension)
Bourdon 8' (extension)
Rohrflöte 8' (from Swell)
Choral Bass 4' (extension)
Rohrflöte  4' (from Swell)
Hautbois 16' (from Swell)
Hautbois 8' (from Swell)
Hautbois 4' (from Swell)

Great to Pedal 8
Great to Pedal 4
Swell to Pedal 8
Swell to Pedal 4
Swell to Great 16
Swell to Great 8
Swell to Great 4