Parish Art Collection

The parish is blessed with an array of beautiful art given to the glory of God and in thanksgiving for or memory of loved ones. Pictured below is that art. (Click on any picture for a larger view.) We are grateful for the wonderful donors who enrich the beauty of our parish and whose gifts praise Almighty God.

"Love Set Free"
Carved from a single block of wood, this relief was commissioned by the parish in thanksgiving of Fr. Myers' sixty years of life, thirty years as a priest, and twenty years as our rector. It draws its title from Fr. Martin L. Smith's book by the same name. It depicts the scene from John's Gospel when Jesus commissions John to care for his Blessed Mother - John 19.26 & 27. It is placed in the church near the pulpit.


Angel Gabriel
Given by Frank B. Foster in memory of his beloved wife, Phoebe.  It stands guardian over the columbarium as a reminder of the message of resurrection. The artist is Kirstin Kokkin.


Dove Above the Arch
The bronze descending Dove was given to the parish by Anne M. Teeple in memory of her beloved husband, Chester F. Teeple.  It is placed above the arch at the altar in the columbarium.  This altar is the original one which was formerly in the church.

Pulpit Crucifix
Carved in Germany and presented in 1984 by Charlotte McMillan in memory of her beloved husband, Dr. Thomas McMillan.  It hangs at the rear of the pulpit.  We preach Christ Crucified (pulpit), as we celebrate Christ Risen (altar - Christos Rex).


Our Lady: Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Located on the Epistle side of the church, the statue of Our Lady stands as a reminder of her essential role in the Christian faith.  Also carved in Germany, the statue is a gift from the Wackerle family in thanksgiving.



Dove in the Narthex
Carved from limestone, this Dove was commissioned by the Centennial Committee in 2002 and placed at the entrance to the Church in thanksgiving for 100 years of ministry.  Heidi Mangel was Chair of the Centennial Committee.  The artist is Walter Arnold.

Dove in the Parlor
Carved by the same artist that provided the Johannine relief, he again completed the work from a solid block of wood. Framed in an oval, the ascending Dove reminds us of the Holy Spirit's presence. It was given by Robert & Nancy Dau in thanksgiving for their marriage.


Dove at the Office Entrance
Painted by a local artist, the Dove was commissioned by the Vestry to welcome parishioners and guests to the parish offices and remind all of the importants of our name, Holy Comforter, and the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

Centennial Cross
The Mangel family gave the Centennial Cross of Abundant Grace to the parish on the occasion of our 100 years as a parish.  It is a bronze cross which hangs in the St. Francis Garden. 

Entrance Garden
Located adjacent to the front entrance on the west is a garden given by Robert and Feranda Dau in memory of his beloved wife and her mother, Kendra Isbey Dau. 

Walkway Garden
Located adjacent to the front entrance on the east is a garden given by John & Heidi Mangel  in thanksgiving for each of their parents: Mr. & Mrs. W.D. Brumbaugh, Jr. and Mr. & Mrs. George Mangel.



Original Altar
The church proper was built in 1902 on land purchased from Joseph Sears for $6,000.  The original altar is now located in the columbarium and is used for outdoor liturgies principally on Thursday and Sunday mornings in the summer. An arch has been built over it, which contains the descending Dove mentioned above.

Arch from Cathedral of Saints Peter & Paul
The original arch from the first cathedral in Chicago is located in the columbarium on the south side.  It was brought to Holy Comforter and placed in our columbarium.

St. Francis Statue
There are two statues of St. Francis, both purchased by Fr. Danforth.  One is located in the St. Francis Garden, and the other is located in the Columbarium near the Angel Gabriel. 



St. Veronica Statue
The statue of St. Veronica located in the Columbarium was a gift to the parish in memory of Olga Det Hudson in January, 1970.


Mural of Noah and the Ark
A beautiful hand painted mural of Noah and the Ark was commissioned by the parish for the children and completed in 2007.  It is located in one of the classrooms on the second floor.  The artist is our parishioner Martha McDonald.


Frederica Fields Windows
The parish received two modern glass windows from the Stephen Fields family in thanksgiving.  One is located at the entrance to the Great Hall and the other is located at the entrance to the second floor Church School rooms.  Each is the work of artist Frederica Fields.


Painting of the Good Shepherd
Painted on canvass this image of the Good Shepherd hangs on the wall outside the Children's Chapel.  Its origin is lost.


Good Shepherd Votive Statue
This small statue of the Good Shepherd was given to the parish by Fr. Myers.  It hangs in the ambulatory next to the stained glass window of the Good Shepherd.  It was given in memory of his beloved wife, Bonnie.



The Needle Pointed Kneelers at the Altar Rail
The masterful needle point cushions in the church are the work of a dozen women of the parish who crafted these beautiful pieces to adorn our worship space.  Each cushion uses symbols of the church's life, crosses, etc.  The cushions at the altar rail are the nine fold gifts of the Holy Spirit, with the Dove as the central and largest cushion.  Each of these cushions is linked with the columbine vine on which are differing flowers representing that specific gift of the Holy Spirit.

Photos of the Wilderness Desert in Israel
Taken by parishioner John F. Campbell these two pictures are of the area traditionally remembered as the place Jesus was tempted by the devil following his baptism.  They were framed by Christina Tucci.  They are located on the hallway wall between the offices of the Associate Rectors.


Painted Plaques
Painted by parishioner Martha Hassel these two plaques are placed in the Children's Chapel.  The exquistely painted plaques are a single verse of Scripture: one is from the 23rd Psalm and the other is from Matthew 19.14.

Bronze Plaque of Altar Guild Prayer
A bronze plaque containing the words of the prayer for the altar guild hangs in the sacristy.  Those who serve use this prayer as they begin their duties.  It was given by Anne M. Teeple in memory of her friend, Bonnie C. Myers.


Serenity Prayer
A needlepointed Serenity Prayer was presented to the parish by Bonnie C. Myers in memory of her mother, Elsie, who was the artist.  It is located on the parlor wall adjacent to the sacristy door.





Icon of St. John
Presented to the parish by Beverly and Richard Joutras, this icon of St. John was purchased on their trip to Patmos.  It is presented to the parish in thanksgiving.  It is located in the sacristy.


The pulpit of Holy Comforter was given in memory of Catharine C. Taylor (1823-1901)  and Eliza R. Marvin (1824-1901).



The lectern was given in memory of Dell Bailey (1872-1903.





The altar was given in memory of William J. Blackwell by his beloved wife, Mary Lou.



The font was given by Anne M. Teeple in memory of her mother, Margaret. 




Icon of the Resurrection 
The icon of the Resurrection was presented to the parish by Fr. and Mrs. Kendall T. Haynes in thankgiving for his curacy in 2008.  It is located on the wall outside the Rector's office.


The Celtic Cross
This bronze Celtic Cross was crafted by a Lake Forest artist and given the the parish by Nancy & Gary Stuart in thanksgiving for their time in the parish.  It is located on the cloister arch and faces the outdoor altar.



The Aeolian-Skinner Organ  
The Aeolian-Skinner organ, given Christmas, 1965, by Erwin and Frances Stuebner in thanksgiving for blessings.


The Stained Glass Windows
The stained glass windows of our parish are beautifully hand painted.  They are a treasure of our art collection.


This charcoal of Bethlehem was presented to the parish by Nancy G. Carroll.


Church of the Holy Comforter
This watercolor painting by Chester Danforth hangs in the sacristy.


Map of the Holy Land
This print of an ancient map of the Holy Land was presented to the parish by Nancy G. Carroll.