Pastoral Care

The clergy at Holy Comforter exercise many different ministries while focusing on pastoral care of the parish. This pastoral care includes leading the congregation in liturgy, administering the sacraments, visiting the hospitalized and home bound, providing pastoral presence and spiritual direction and being present during times of joy or crisis.

Calling on parishioners is an important part of sacramental ministry. In the event of a hospital stay please alert the parish office so we can insure a visit from one of the clergy. During normal office hours clergy are available in the Church. An appointment will insure that you can meet with the Clergy member, but generally, one of the priests is available if you simply stop by the office. The Clergy are available 24 hours a day in the event of a crisis. They can offer support and comfort, direction and encouragement, and the sacraments of the Church in the times of illness, injury or death.

The Rector's ministry is centered on pastoral care and spiritual direction with parishioners, their family members, friends and neighbors. Pastoral appointments can be made directly by contacting the Director of Community Life. Since this ministry occupies the majority of the Rector's day, parish calling and visitation is primarily shared by the Associate Rectors and the Pastoral Associate.