Parish Leadership

Our community of faith has 900 members: men, women, and children who seek to live a Christian life together and make a difference in our world.  The parish is lead by many persons who have a myriad of roles and responsibilities.  Our leaders care about our common life, and they make a significant difference to insure we are a dynamic and living community of faith. They are involved in every aspect of parish life: formation, worship, fellowship, outreach, and ministries.

Officially our parish is a corporation.  It is led by the Rector, Wardens, and Vestry.  The Rector, a priest, is elected by the Vestry and approved by the Bishop of Chicago.  Once elected and approved, he or she has a life tenure.  The Wardens are elected by the parish at the Annual Meeting for a two year term and are designated as Senior and Junior.  They are the principal lay leaders of the parish.  Nine other lay persons are also elected by the Annual Meeting and serve a three year term.  The tenures are staggered so that only three Vestry members are elected each year. 

This group - Rector, Wardens, and Vestry - serve as the "Board of Directors."  They in turn elect three others to assist them in their leadership.  Elected by the Vestry each year for a one year term are the Clerk, the "secretary" of the Vestry; the Chancellor, the parish attorney; and the Treasurer, the chief financial officer of the parish. 

Vestry meets six times each year and is responsible for the life and vitality of the parish.

The Rector hires all the parish staff.  The staff are also leaders of the parish, carrying out the policy and directives of the Vestry.