Stewardship and Canvass

Posted: 11/29/2016

Reality, Spirituality, Community

Canvass Sunday is November 6

By now, hopefully all have received the Annual Canvass materials mailed out last week. As those pages reminded us, Holy Comforter is not a "charity," but is, rather, a community of Christians rooted in spirituality; and the reality is that our ministries, programs, fellowship, and outreach efforts require financial support. Even more, we need to return to God, through the Church, a portion of the blessings we have received from a profoundly generous God. We do not pledge our money solely because the Church needs it: we do so also because we need to express our gratitude and thankfulness for the very lives we have been given. As you ponder your pledge for this coming year, please reflect on what God has given you, and respond with generosity. For more information, and to print out a pledge form in case yours has been misplaced, please look here. And thank you, in advance, for your thoughtfulness and prayerful consideration.

We will bless all pledges received on All Saints' Sunday, November 6, at each liturgy.