A Letter to Parents of Youth Liturgist

Posted: 8/23/2016

Dear Holy Comforter Parents,

I hope everyone has had a lovely summer thus far, including some relaxing down time with family.

I am sending this letter to you either because your child(ren) participated as a youth liturgist this past year or because you have a child who is in the age range during which young people can serve at the altar, or as a lector, intercessor, videographer, greeter, or chapel assistant. The parish is deeply grateful for this important ministry our youth provide during the 9:00 am Sunday liturgy, and we are hoping that the interest in participating will continue through the next year. We pray that new families will participate, as well. We have seen a reduction in the number of young people taking part in liturgical ministries over the past many years, and hope that you will strongly encourage your young folks to take part in one role or another. Liturgical ministry is an important part of our common life, and a chance for them to offer their gifts for the sake of the larger faith community. Among other things, I hope all of the students who were confirmed on May 10 will continue serving in some capacity.

I am delighted to be able to report that Alec Dike and Gregg Anderson will be returning for their third year as the Acolyte Wardens. Thank you, Alec and Gregg!

Below you will find a sheet on which you can indicate the area(s) in which your kids would be willing to serve, as well as a very brief description or reminder of what each role entails. Please print this out, fill it in, and drop it off at the church at your earliest convenience. Also, please note that we are expanding the role of the videographer, and asking those students to serve as still photographers (using the church's digital camera) for special events such as baptismal receptions and other intergenerational moments on the days they are videographers.

We are going to do the scheduling in the same manner as we have done it the last two years: rather than sending out a full calendar and asking families to indicate what dates their children are not available, we will simply create a schedule and make adjustments as needed. The simple truth is that family schedules for sports and travel and study programs and the like change so much and often so rapidly, that service schedules are out of date by the time they are published. Instead, students will be scheduled for the ministries they are interested in fulfilling on a somewhat random nature, and if there are conflicts, please contact other families to arrange a substitute. A full roster of parent contact info will be created once we have a list of the families that will be involved in liturgical ministries.

Please discuss with your child(ren) the possibility of serving in a liturgical role this year, keeping in mind the need all of us have to offer our gifts in some capacity for the sake of the parish. And please return the completed form to the parish office by September 2.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your consideration, and we wish you a safe and relaxing last few days of summer!

Faithfully yours,

Fr. Jason Parkin
Alec Dike
Gregg Anderson

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