10 Reasons NOT to Come to Church

Posted: 6/8/2016

by JLP

1. The lawn needs mowing Mowing your lawn on Sunday morning is a sure way to annoy the neighbors.  Don't risk it:  come to church and save the lawn for later.  

2. It's not air-conditioned Actually, we are blessed to have AC in the sanctuary at Holy Comforter.  In fact, the challenge sometimes is to keep the church from getting too cold.   

3. My parents never went to church in the summer Isn't this a terrific chance to embrace your inner teenager and do the exact opposite of what your parents did?  I'm not sure the old notion is true that Episcopalians are the only people God trusts enough to take the summer off.   

4. There's church in the summer? Yup.  Every Sunday morning, just like the rest of the year.  Clergy prepare and preach (occasionally brilliant) sermons whether there are 200 people present or 25.  

5. I'm away for the weekend That's great.  Have a relaxing time. I bet there is even a small Episcopal church nearby. Look for one of those red, white, and blue "The Episcopal Church Welcomes You" signs or use Google to guide you into a pew on Sunday morning.   

6. There's no church school You can't teach kids to eat out in a restaurant if you never take them to one. The same holds true for worshiping in church. As for older kids who are "bored" during the service, they can hang out with the younger kids, who are never boring.  A win-win for everyone.  

7. I need a break from church in the summer If you're simply not in the habit of going to church in the summer, this is the year to break it!  Amaze and inspire your friends as you receive the spiritual refreshment that comes with regular church attendance.  Don't be surprised if people start coming up to you and saying, "You look great! Have you lost weight?"  And you'll be able to respond with "I look fabulous because I've been going to church during the summer."  

8. I'd rather be outside We got that one covered, too:  the 9:00 Eucharist and coffee hour are outside (weather permitting).  Maybe we should call it "Mass on the Grass." As far as I know, no one has ever been eaten by black flies during the liturgy.  

9. I have a 9:00 am tee time Perfect. Come to the 8 o'clock service. The 37 minutes you spend in church might even help your game. The 8 o'clock is actually a great option during the summer for people who want to get a jump on the day, get out to the beach, take a hike, go boating or whatever.  You can experience the beauty of Elizabethan English and then address one another as "thee" and "thou" for the rest of the day.  

10. I don't like to dress up in the summer Neither do most people.  Come as you are!  After all, our Lord wore sandals to worship.  

Enjoy worshiping the risen Christ throughout the summer months, and may the days ahead be a time of rest, refreshment, and relaxation. And don't forget:  parking is easier on Sunday mornings in the summer!