A New Year's Resolution

by Marc Franson, Canvass Chair

A couple of Sundays ago as the ushers were passing the plate my wife leaned over to me and said, "Don't you feel bad not putting something in the plate?" My initial response was that we had already prepaid our pledge in one lump sum so we didn't "owe" any more. But as I thought more about it, the question was really profound. Week after week the plate passes and I tend to glance away, yet in this moment, there is a liturgical opportunity to give of myself. The Offertory comes as a transition between hearing the word of God being given to us and the Eucharist where we are given that life-giving bread, that saving cup. In that moment, there is the opportunity to give back to God what we are receiving. Upon reflection, no matter when I pay my pledge, my resolution for this coming year is that I am going to be more open to giving of myself, my talents and treasures, including at the Offertory. It is a time to show my thanks and give. I hope that you too will think about this question, and in 2015 respond in thanksgiving at the Offertory during each Liturgy.