Men's Advance

A Retreat for All the Men of Holy Comforter

February 6 - 8, 2015 Divine Word Mission in Techny

Calling all men of the parish! You have to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. No kidding!

From Friday evening, February 6, through noon on Sunday, February 8, all men are invited and encouraged to take part in an "Advance" at the nearby retreat center in Techny. This article is, to be blunt, a blatant pitch to guys who want to maximize their impact on their business careers, their effectiveness at home, and their engagement with the community around them.

We all know that it is not the strong who survive and prosper, nor the bright. It is the ones who can take their strengths and intelligence and adapt to change; and not just adapt but, more importantly, make change skills a personal strength. No matter your age, change is a part of your life's story now, and will be in the future. How to deal with it and, more importantly, turn it to your advantage is critical to both success and happiness.
How to do that is precisely the central theme of our 2015 Men's Advance! And we have a special program that you don't want to miss.

Bob Patin and his partner in their consulting practice, clinical psychologist Dr. Dan DeWitt, will be putting on a special seminar on making change an asset and skill set. This seminar has received rave reviews from top corporate executives. Each gent who participates will receive his own personalized analysis of how he deals with change today based on a profile that will be created from an on-line survey, and will learn how he can increase his change skills going forward. Bob and Dan will discuss how we can make change an asset personally and also how we can help those around us at work, at home and in the community cope with, adapt to, and prosper through change.

In addition, the weekend will include presentations from fellow men in the parish on how change has impacted their lives, including spiritual growth, as well as break-out sessions with fellow participants to discuss our own and their personal reflections on change; time for personal reflection; some prayer and worship; and, as you might expect, some plain, old-fashioned fun.

This seminar on change will only be presented one time and will be a unique experience for those who attend. You will not want to miss it! You can either stay over at Techny for the entire Advance or commute for the large and small group sessions and presentations.

We need to know by January 5 if you intend to take part, so time is short. Please contact Laurel in the church office (847/251-6120 or A message will be going out soon to all men in the parish with information on exact times, costs, and related issues. For now, however, put the Advance in your calendar, and sign up in the office!