Adult Forum in December

by Fr. Chris Hardman

Advent is a time of patient waiting. It is a time for preparing our hearts so that God might be born in us once again. Our Adult Forum this December will reflect that focus.

On December 7th, Pastor Heath will lead a Godly Play presentation entitled "An Advent Journey toward the Mystery." This interactive story will be for Adults! It will give us all an opportunity to reflect on this season and its meaning for us. (It will also be an opportunity to experience what our children experience in Chapel each week.)

On December 14th, we will look more deeply into the symbols of Advent and Christmas. Why do we use blue for Advent rather than purple? What is a Jesse tree? What do all those symbols in our church represent?
On December 21st, we will sing Christmas Carols! Don't miss our annual sing-a-long in the parish hall. Everyone is invited for cocoa, coffee, treats and music.

December 7: An Advent Journey Toward the Mystery  (A Godly Play Presentation)

December 14: Symbols of Advent

December 21: Sing-A-Long (Christmas Carols)

December 28: NO ADULT FORUM

This is going to be a very thought-provoking and spiritually rich month. Please get the word out and join us.