Vestry Nominees Welcome

The Vestry is the governing Board of Church of the Holy Comforter. It comprises nine members of the parish, each elected to serve a three year term, as well as the Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, Chancellor, and Clerk. The Vestry is charged by Canon Law with the temporal leadership of the Church; but at Holy Comforter, the Vestry has long overseen much of the spiritual health, vitality, and vision of the parish, as well.

Next year, as happens every year, we will hold a Vestry election as part of the Annual Parish Meeting in January, and are seeking nominations for the one position that will be opening, namely that of Outreach Mission, the area led so ably the past two years by Ned Hedley. Vestry candidates should be regular in attendance at the worship of the church; financial supporters of the parish's ministry and mission; committed to the work of Holy Comforter; interested in devoting time and energy to one or more particular areas of our common life; able to commit to the regular Vestry meetings on the second Saturday morning of most months; and grounded in prayer and a desire to serve Christ through serving others. Vestry ministry can be challenging work, to be sure; but it can also be a great deal of fun, and creates relationships and friendships that last for years (and, as one wag put it years ago, the pay may not be much, but the retirement benefits are out of this world!)

If you know of someone you feel would be a strong leader and servant of Holy Comforter, or feel called to Vestry ministry yourself, please contact either the Senior Warden, Eric Beatty or Fr. Jason as soon as possible. Please let us know of your suggestions and nominations.