Taize' Worship Service with Healing

Sunday, November 9th, 9am

by Fr. Chris Hardman

On Sunday, November 9th, at 9 a.m. Holy Comforter will hold its second contemplative service. This one will draw upon the tradition of the Taize' Community.

In 1940 Brother Roger Schultz, a Reformed Protestant from Switzerland, formed an ecumenical monastic order in the little French village of Taize'. He was searching for a simpler and more authentic way of leading a Christian Life. Since the 1960's, this "Taize' Community" with its unique worship style, has become a major pilgrimage destination, attracting thousands of young people from all over the world. The music is very simple, incorporating short phrases from the Psalms and other parts of the Bible into repetitive chants. As everyone sings these chants together, they become both beautiful and mesmerizing, leading us all to a deeper sense of God's presence and our connection with God and each other.
This service will also include an opportunity to receive anointing with oil for healing. Since most of us are so wrapped up in a "world on steroids"-going from one event to the next without time to reflect on anything-we are offering this service as a time to quiet down, get in touch with the God who is within us, and allow God to touch us through this holy oil bringing healing to our souls and lives.

We will hold this service in the parish hall, but it is not a time to talk and visit. It is a time to quiet down and experience the presence of God that is already with us. After the service is over we will have time to talk with each other, to comment on the service, and to discuss Christian healing.

We hope to see you there!