Adult Forum in November

 by Fr. Chris Hardman

We continue our look at the World Faith traditions by focusing on Native American Spirituality this month. We will also have an opportunity to discuss the Baha'i Faith and Christian Healing.

On November 16th our guest speakers will be Mark and Pat Cleveland of Evanston. Mark is a Native American and will share his Faith as well as how his family practices this faith.

November 23rd we will provide us the opportunity to reflect on Thomas Murphy's presentation of the Baha'i Faith as well as Mark Cleveland's presentation on Native American Spirituality. We will look for similarities and differences with our own Faith.

November 2: Special Baptismal Reception

November 9: Contemplative Services and Christian Healing

November 16: Native American Spirituality

November 23: Reflection on the Baha'i Faith and on Native American Spirituality

November 30: Special Advent Event

This is going to be an exciting month. Please get the word out and join us.