Adult Forum: October 2014

by Fr. Chris Hardman

We continue our look at the World Faith traditions by focusing on Islam and Baha'i this month. We will also deepen our understanding of our own faith, as well as review Buddhism and Islam.

Our guest speaker on October 5th will be Omer Mozaffar, who was born in Karachi, Pakistan and is a lifelong member of the Chicago Muslim community. He teaches Islamic studies at Loyola University, the University of Chicago, and Islamic Centers throughout the area. Since 9/11 he has given over 1,000 speeches on Islam.

On the 26th we will host Thomas Murphy, a member of the Baha'i House of Worship in Wilmette. Mr. Murphy has been an active member of the Winnetka Interfaith Council for many years and speaks often on the Baha'i Temple as well as his faith.
We will share our own faith stories on October 12th . The 19th brings us an open discussion reflecting on the previous presentations on Buddhism and Islam. We will be looking for similarities between those faiths and our own.

October 5th: Islam-Presentation by Omer Mozaffar
October 12th: Sharing out own faith stories
October 19th: Buddhism and Islam: Focusing on similarities with Christianity
October 26th: Baha'i-Presentation by Thomas Murphy

This is going to be an exciting month. Please get the word out, bring a friend and join us.