Reconnecting with God in our Midst

Wednesday Adult Class 2014-2015

by Fr. Chris Hardman

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!!!!! That clarion call for Monday Night Football is how I feel about God's call to us in this present moment. Are you ready for some new life?

God offers God's very life to all of us right now. We call it grace. But we spend most of our time blocking that grace. How can we truly live grace-filled lives in our day and our time? That is the question we are going to address this year.

Our basic outline comes from John Philip Newell's new book, The Rebirthing of God. But, this class is about much more than reading this book. It is about looking at multiple sources that will help us "reconnect with God" mainly by breaking down those habits of life that block the grace of God.

This series will continue in the winter and spring. I do hope you will join us for a very meaningful journey into grace. Reading Newell's book is not a requirement, but is highly recommended. If you would like me to order you a copy, let me know.

The following is the schedule for our fall sessions:

September 10 Reconnecting with the Earth (Newell)
September 17 Reconnecting with the Earth (An Evolutionary Spirituality)
September 24 Reconnecting with Compassion (Newell)
October 1 Reconnecting with Compassion (Introduction to the Enneagram)
October 8 Reconnecting with Compassion (Gaining Emotional Sobriety)
October 15 Reconnecting with Compassion (Enneagram 8, 9)
October 22 Reconnecting with Compassion (Enneagram 1, 2)
October 29 Reconnecting with Compassion (Enneagram 3, 4)
November 5 Reconnecting with Compassion (Enneagram 5, 6)
November 12 No Class (Fr. Chris out of Town)
November 19 (RWC) Reconnecting with Compassion (Enneagram 7, Paths to Wholeness)
November 26 No Class (Thanksgiving Holiday)
December 3 Reconnecting with the Light (Newell)
December 10 Reconnecting with the Journey (Newell)
December 17 Reconnecting with the Journey (Spirituality and the Twelve Steps)

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