Ta Da! This is It, Folks...The Big Finish!

by Jill Klusendorf, Director of Community Life

Kenilworth, in case you didn't know it , is a village. If you were to read up on its history, you would find it was originally settled and developed, in small part, as a scenic lakeside summer burg for the moneyed titans of Chicago industry. A fresh-aired respite from the dirt and grit and noise of the hustle and bustle of the city 20.7 miles due south. "A beautiful country setting near the convenience of the city," as its founder Joseph Sears would say.

Mr. Sears' description of his village sounds like the perfect sales pitch for a quaint, sleepy little town. The sound of waves lapping to and fro on Lake Michigan, the touch of the sand of its beachfront, the deep slumber that often accompanies the fresh air and summertime sun. In that way, modern Kenilworth is still the same. A day spent near the lake on a warm sunny day along the avenue will always have that same effect on us, especially when seeking refuge from the noise that "real" life can bring.

The history and "lake effect" lesson does have a point, I promise, so stick with me. The picture has been painted, now let's frame it up and wrap it with a big bow. School's is out for the summer, vacation getaways and travel is in full swing. Our minds are on rest and relaxation, in that Calgon, Take Me Away sort of mode.* So, before y'all get all Carolina on My Mind on us, we've got a very special send off planned for you.

The inaugural "Alleluia on the Avenue" will be take place on Sunday, June 8th and promises to be "the best Alleluia on the Avenue" you've ever been to! In fact, it's going to be so great, you're going to miss it so much when it's over so terribly so.... we're going to do it again in August because we'll miss it and miss you more! Alleluia on the Avenue (Notice the quotes are gone? Nope, it's not a typo, it's a real thing, we're making it happen, and the results will be "fetch!")** is all the jubilant and marvelous things you remember when we were kids playing along the main street of Kenilworth, chumming along with the Sears progeny. It's new-fangled rock and roll from a chap named Reginald Dwight, or simply, Elton. Food on sticks and buns, in cups and cones. It's face painting and merry-making. It's going to be so splendiferous, the heavens will open and we will be basked in the light of the Holy Spirit. Children and adults alike will proclaim the beauty of the day and say, "I want that for myself." and they will be welcomed into the families of Holy Comforter and Christ Himself through baptism, right along the near-distant shores of Lake Michigan. And we, as one family, one voice, will proclaim, "Alleluia on the Avenue!"

Now certainly, if you've stuck with me this far, y'all won't want to miss Alleluia on the Avenue. It'll be the perfect way to say, "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road" and hello you beautiful summer! "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," please come. Invite your family and friends. Invite Bennie. Heck, invite the Jetts, too! Let's show them what a truly wonderful place that Church of the Holy Comforter is. You'll see old friends and welcome some new. Have a bite to eat, sing a song or two. It's the perfect way, to end a perfect season. Taste and See.

So, will you join us? Can you feel the love with us on Sunday, June 8th at 10:00 in the morning for an outdoor Eucharist, along with not one, but two Holy Baptisms taking place? A celebration of Pentecost? A picnic? Some cool sunglasses and a guy named "Simply Elton?"

If you'd like to help us with the premiere extravaganza of Alleluia on the Avenue, please contact me at CHC via phone, 847-251.-120, ext. 111. or by email at jcklusendorf@holycomforter.org. You can also reach out to Sarah Alt, at sarahjalt@gmail.com. We'd be happy as the tiniest dancer if you'd be a part of this event alongside us! See you there!***

* As a practitioner of "Method Writing", I pulled an end-of-semester all-nighter coming up with this for y'all. I don't think the lack of sleep shows at all, but I can't seem to stop saying y'all, y'all.

** Ten points for Gryffindor if you got the Mean Girls reference.

*** Bring the Calgon y'all.