Wednesday Adult Class

by Fr. Chris Hardman 

Our Wednesday adult class resumed on April 30th at 10:30 am with a continuation of our study of the Trinity from a "Pauline" perspective. The Doctrine of the Trinity did not officially appear before the Council of Nicea in 325 C.E., but the roots of this doctrine, discovered in the experience of the dead and risen Christ, are prevalent in all of Paul's letters. Paul did not know the historical Jesus at all. He only knew the dead and risen Christ and his encounter with Christ transformed his life-and the church's life too.

We will use the work of Richard Rohr, Ann Hunt, Richard Reid, and Paul Achtemeier to explore some of Paul's major themes and see how they fit into our understanding of God as a community of persons. Our schedule will be as follows:

          April 30th:  Flesh and Spirit
          May 7th:     Sin and Death
          May 14th:   Freedom and the Law
          May 21:      The Body of Christ (Community)
          May 28th:   The Parabola of Transformation

While knowledge of the previous classes is helpful, it is not necessary. We welcome anyone who would like to understand Paul and his Epistles more thoroughly.