The New Spiritual Exercises

Wednesdays with Fr. Chris Hardman

During Lent this class will switch from study to practice. We will try to take what we've learned by studying The Divine Milieu by Teilhard de Chardin and make it real in our lives. These "New Spiritual Exercises" will not focus on our personal sin, "but upon the graces and blessings God gives us for consciously creating a positive difference in our world. They are based on the scriptural revelation that God has a great project going on-much more that just keeping souls from falling into sin and hell-and that we are invited to become fully and actively involved in this divine project" (The New Spiritual Exercises by Louis Savary). These sessions will begin at 10:30am and end no later than 11:30am. The first session will be held on March 12th and the last on April 9th. Note: We will not meet on Ash Wednesday.