CHC Men's Fellowship

For four Friday mornings from late October to the middle of November, a group of men in the parish had a great time gathering for a terrific breakfast (thanks to Bill Haljun and Warren McKenna) and lively presentations and discussions, coordinated by different leaders.  This new iteration of the Men's Fellowship got off to a great start, with between 16 and 23 gentlemen present each week.  Yes, 6:00 a.m. is awfully early for such a gathering, but, as we all know, the early bird gets the worm!

Some of the important questions that arose during the series included:  What does it take to be and do our very finest in different parts of our lives?  How do we best honor our wives/partners in our daily lives?  How can we grow as Christians by acknowledging our vulnerabilities and exceeding our (frequently self-imposed) expectations? 

The Men's Fellowship will return later in the winter, and will cover other stimulating topics.  Want to get to know some of the men in the parish better?  Feel a need for community that extends beyond Sunday morning?  This is a great way to develop friendships and grow in faith and understanding.  Keep your eyes open for announcements about the next series, and come join us!

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