Thanksgiving Secrets Spilled!

by Jill Klusendorf, Community Life

First, let me say, I wish all of you and yours a most blessed Thanksgiving Day! For the Klusendorf Family, like most other families, this holiday would not be complete without our own set of traditions. It would involve the usual: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc, but it would also include the culinary delight known as the CRAB BALL.

Some of you may have had the pleasure of crab ball at one of the pre-Fall Fellowship dinner cocktail homes, but in case you did not, here it goes. Crab ball pretty much consists of what its name implies: crab. Not the real stuff (sorry Bill Haljun!) but the "stick" variety, cream cheese, Worcestershire sauce, lemon, a pinch of salt and pepper. You basically mash it all together, roll it into a ball, wrap it in Saran and let it rest and chill in the fridge.

But wait, it doesn't end there! After the crab ball chills, for final effect, you make a "volcano-like" depression in the top of the ball. Pour cocktail sauce into the depression and let it "lava" off the sides. Serve with deliciously fattening and buttery Ritz or Club crackers, and sit back and wait for the compliments to roll in!

It's an honor in my extended family to provide the crab ball. One enters into the home of the hosts, hailed like some sort of 1950's or 60's culinary genius. A blatant and complete disregard for the cardiac health of fellow family members is lauded, even welcomed.

The crab ball is much like most families: a bit of this, a pinch of that. Roll it all together into a tight, cuddly ball. Let it rest, let it chill. It can be truly "volcano-like," at times spilling over with feelings of every kind.

And, family, much like the crab ball, when pulled apart, can be remolded the next day for round two! Enjoy your families! Crab ball is good, God is great!