Youth Ministry Save-the-Dates!

by Charlotte Long, Youth Ministry Coordinator

High School Mission Trip!

Potentially looking at June 14th - June 22nd 2014 with Appalachian Service Project.  Keep it on the down low, still finalizing the details and payment plan. If your kids are looking at camps, or summer school, please consider making this week a priority.  If we say this is important to our schools and teachers, they can often be understanding.  I had to miss a few days of summer school for the Mission Trip when I was in High School and I made it work just fine.  So put a big red circle around that week!

HAPPENINGS Diocese Retreat!

As stated in the previous email, I'm looking for kids to go with me to the High School Episcopal Youth Retreat November 1st and 2nd.  At Youth Group and Sunday school, I've spoken to a couple of your kids - Ginny, Charlie, and Sophie all expressed interest.  So talk to your kids and sign them up at the link below! And then let me know! The diocesan High School  retreat weekend requires a $65 dollar fee when you fill out the online application.  If this addition of a fee is going to keep your child from attending, PLEASE CONTACT ME.  The church will be more than     happy to help out! More information here...

Rite 13th Lock-In for 7th and 8th graders
October 19th - October 20th
See email from Charlotte sent out this week for details.

Don't forget that we now have Youth Group for High Schoolers every Sunday night from 6pm - 8pm In the Great Hall!  We give you dinner and have great time, doing anything from longer discussions, long term projects and service, or the occasional LASER TAG> WOOT.