Fall Fellowship Dinner

Posted: 10/2/2013

Dancing and Dining Through the Decades

Friday, October 25th

Cocktails at 6:00pm
Dinner at 7:30pm

This year's Fall Fellowship Dinner Dance will be THE place to be seen when you make the scene! "Dancing and Dining Through the Decades" has something for everyone, young and old, and everywhere in between. We will begin the evening as we have in the past, at one of six parishioners' homes for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres before gathering in the Great Hall for a menu and a dance set list that will take us from the 40's all the way through the 90's. From doo-wop to disco, tango to the twist, the hokey-pokey to the hustle-you get the picture!

The menu will be your tummy's trip down memory lane with some of the most beloved dishes of the century, and possibly a vintage cocktail or two for good measure.

So, feel free to show us your "spirit" and dress for the occasion. Now is the perfect time to get out those leisure suits and poodles skirts, platform shoes and lettermen jackets, air them out, and show them a good time. Here are the details, check your mailboxes for the invite soon!

Cocktail Fellowship homes will be assigned and posted as soon as we firm up the details.

Please respond to Laurel O'Donnell in the Parish Office at 847-251-3120, or Jill Klusendorf by October 18th.