'Tis The Season

by Mary Johnson, Director of Children's Ministries

For those who live in parts of the country where there is not a dramatic change between seasons, their only reference to "tis the season may be about Christmas. How terribly sad. I can't imagine living anywhere that does not have the wonderful adventures in nature that we here in the Midwest experience with the four seasons. A veritable feast is provided for the senses as we move into each new season.

Here are some fun facts about fall:

  • When the leaves turn colors in the fall, they are actually returning to their normal colors. During the summer months, the chlorophyll present in the leaves causes them to turn green, blocking the leaves' actual colors. I sure don't remember learning that in 5th grade science.
  • Red and purple leaves are actually caused by the presence of sugars from sap that is trapped inside the leaves.

Halloween is a big part of autumn. Did you know...?

  • The Halloween colors of orange and black come from two sources. The color of autumn leaves and pumpkins provides the orange, and black is the color of darkness and mystery that connects with the theme of ghosts and spooky creatures for Halloween. This fact I could have figured out.
  • Of course it is also a reference to All Hallows' Eve, the night before All Saints' Day, and it was originally a pagan celebration that occurred on the last day of the Celtic calendar.

On a spectacular day in late September, we hosted the fall festival with a horse drawn hayride, apples, pumpkins, and corn dogs. So many from this parish community enjoyed the fellowship in welcoming the fall season. Many folks were overheard that day saying "fall is my favorite season." I don't know if fall is my favorite season. I don't know that I have a favorite. I do love watching football, marveling at the leaves changing color and the crisp cool air that doesn't yet require the heavy winter parka. But then comes winter. Glistening snowfalls, reading the paper on a Sunday afternoon by the fire, and Christmas. What's not to love? OK, the shoveling and sub-zero temperatures. Don't love that part of winter. Spring and summer: great for obvious reasons.

We have another opportunity to celebrate fall on October 25 at the Fall Fellowship Dinner. You'll find all the details in the CHC news as well as an invitation that will go out. The only thing to remember is that it's a great evening, doesn't cost you a thing (except if you need a babysitter for the kids), and there WILL be dancing!

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." 
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables