New Sunday Afternoon Eucharist

Posted: 10/28/2013

As everyone will have learned through the special letter that arrived in mailboxes just a few days ago, we are going to start offering a new Eucharist on Sunday afternoons at 5:00 in the western end of the Church. This liturgy will be contemporary in nature, incorporating different music, a variety of prayer forms, and meditative readings from other faith traditions. It is designed for those seeking fresh and stimulating ways to praise and give thanks to God and to grow in the Spirit, and has the added advantage of providing a worship opportunity for those for whom Sunday morning is challenging for whatever reason. In addition, our hope is that people on the margins of Holy Comforter, as well as those in the neighborhood who have not connected to a faith community?perhaps out of anxiety about not knowing the local customs and practices?will find at the 5:00 Eucharist something that will feed their souls. Please invite friends, neighbors, new members of your community, or family members to join us at the 5:00 Eucharist, and pray for this creative new venture and adventure.