Emerging Church/Emerging Christ

Next Year's Wednesday Adult Class Plans

by Fr. Chris HardmanI have been thinking lately-a dangerous thing, I know. Over the past few years in my Wednesday Morning Bible Study Class we have been looking at some of the theological concepts that are moving the church in a new direction. None of these concepts are new; they are really a recovery of the old. We are, in fact, rediscovering for our own age truths that we were not ready to incorporate then, but are now.

Truths like the Mystery of the Trinity. Our recovery of an understanding of the Trinity is really the engine that is driving most everything else. It has given us a fuller understanding of God, creation, church, prayer, worship, sin, heaven, and even where we are headed in God. It is the key to understanding the creation spirituality of the Celtic Church as well as the biblical concept of the Kingdom of God. It makes inclusion, hospitality, forgiveness, and outreach key ingredients in a holistic life.

How do we here at Holy Comforter begin to take hold of this renewed understanding and make it a reality in our lives? What practices, for instance, can we involve ourselves and others in that will help us to see that God loves us and that God is "the one in whom we live and move and have our being"? What implications does that have for worship, for the sacraments, for our life in what we have considered a "secular" world?

At present I am developing a plan for next year's class. I will introduce three concepts that seem to be at the center of this new emergence, the Trinity, Evolution, and the Scapegoat Mechanism. We will discuss these three concepts thoroughly and then try to apply that learning in practical ways that can help us to take hold of this new understanding and new life that God is offering us.

I hope you will save Wednesday Mornings and join us for this exciting series. I need your help to put these concepts into practice. The Church is at a critical stage in its life, let's join together in God's Spirit and see where God will lead us.