Confirmation 2013

On the Feast of Pentecost, May 19, 2013, 20 young people from Holy Comforter were confirmed or, in one case, reaffirmed their baptismal vows in the presence of the Rt. Rev. Christopher Epting, Assisting Bishop of the Diocese of Chicago. These students completed a course of formation, discussion, and study titled "Confirm not Conform" that met every Tuesday night for 90 minutes from January through April. They were a uniquely insightful, funny, inquisitive, and lively group, and the entire experience was a delight.

Congratulations to our wonderful newly-confirmed brothers and sisters in Christ!

Gretchen Frances Beatty                 Samuel David Leiter
Wallace Tait Butler                          Lucas Nathaniel Patton Lind
Sarah Caywood                               John Mangel, IV
Carlyn Antoinette Chrabaszcz         Kendall Elizabeth Lobo
Jacob Robert Chrabaszcz                Addison Grace Newsome
Scott Irving Citari                           Hilton Thomas Prewitt
Sophia Lindsey Civetta                   Carynn Jo Randolph
Patrick William Drake                     Henry Irving Shaw
William James Duquette                 Ingrid Jenna Wall
Lauren Young Johnson                   Mackenzie Elizabeth Wilkin



Special thanks to Bill Haljun for co-leading the class once again this year!