Recognition Sunday

by Mary Johnson, Director of Children's & Youth Ministries
The most universal acknowledgement on this day is the celebration of Mothers. Mother's Day in the United States has been celebrated on the second Sunday of May since 1914 when Woodrow Wilson signed it into national observance. Some of us are still able to celebrate with our mothers while others reflect on special memories. My dad would have a corsage for my mother every year on Mother's Day. I love that memory. A fun memory of the Mother's Day with my young children was the year I received the waffle maker. The girls convinced their dad that I "really wanted it...." Funny, I didn't recall ever mentioning a waffle maker but clearly my daughters loved home made waffles. I still chuckle every time I use it.

To the mothers of all the members of this community, whether living or deceased, we cherish your love and acknowledge the sacrifices you made to nurture and guide us.

"Mother's love is peace. It need not be acquired,
it need not be deserved."

Erich Fromm

In addition to Mothers everywhere, on this day we celebrate the contributions of all those who have contributed so generously of their time and talents during this program year.

When we began in the fall, we had implemented the foundation for changes in several areas of Christian Formation. The Youth Groups were introduced to Journey to Adulthood that included Rite 13 for our Junior High School students. Under the guidance of Janet Beatty, Oscar David, Kendra Wallace, Leslie Groncki, and Heath Howe, our high school group is as strong as ever. Charlotte Long, our Youth Minister since November, has done an extraordinary job in planning and facilitating meaningful activities and events for these students. She is coordinating all the details for the High School Mission Trip to Joplin, MO this summer. We are blessed to have her on our staff.

The Rite 13 team members are Mac and JaLynne Butler, Carrie Cazolas, Steve Citari, and Cricket Lind. As the students have been preparing for Confirmation in classes led by Bill Haljun and Fr. Jason Parkin, they have developed a strong sense of community and we can't wait to celebrate with them at their Confirmation on May 19, the Feast of Pentecost.

Allegra Biery has been the faithful steward of the students in Grades 4-5-6 each week navigating through the stories of the Bible augmented by stories she has researched and shares with the students.

Sarah Crawford took the new format of the Sunday morning Children's Chapel and along with Pastor Heath presented impactful lessons for the children in Junior Kindergarten through Third Grade. Our Sunday Chapel experience has been enriched by the presence of Mr. Marc Franson who has shared his piano skills with the children as he directed them in song.

These Formation Leaders have been wonderful examples of kind, compassionate and generous Christian adults for these students and we extend our heartfelt gratitude.

Music is a key aspect of the Holy Comforter community. From the beautiful hymns and anthems offered by the adult choir to the strong sweet voices of our children's choirs, our liturgies have been enriched by their presence. Mr. Bill Gordon joined the staff in October and in such a short time engaged and inspired the children who have participated in some of our Sunday liturgies. They will sing again on Mother's Day at the 9:00 Liturgy.

Adult Choir: Jean-Jacques Bernard, Leila Bowie, Jenny Case, Abby Folberg, Gregory Friedman, Bill Gordon, Ian Hosack, Stacy Kezios, Sara Litchfield, Stephen Mollica, Peter Morgan, Dorothy Jean Lloyd, Mary Phillips, Jill Sick

Youth Choir: Audrey Bonnell, Edie Browne, Tipton Browne, Samantha Cerrone, Cameron Flynn Dike, Jenna Flynn Dike, Natalie Duquette, Chris Harlan, Dylan Harlan, Will Hedley, Chloe Jerva, Elias Lind, Lucas Lind, Grace Mangel, Kate McClamroch, Caroline Shaw, Mackenzie Wilkin, Maddy Wilkin, George Wise

Our Holy Comforter Parish is grateful to all those individuals who have helped in so many ways over this past program year with all of our events. Whether a few minutes to lend a hand or countless volunteer hours, we are grateful for your presence among us.