Battle of the Songs

Parish Picnic; June 2nd

by Fr. Chris Hardman

You have heard of Battle of the Bands, Battle of the Sexes and Battle of the Stars. But, have you heard of Battle of the Songs? Of course you haven't, because we are holding the very first one at our picnic this year!

Last August we held a special worship service entitled "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is." The music was provided "Chicago" style by the band, Brass from the Past. Since they were such a terrific band we have invited them back for our picnic where we will have a Battle of the Songs.

The band will play songs from various eras and then we will hold a vote to determine the winner. The band will then play it again for all those who voted for it. It is going to be great because we will hear songs like Bobby Darin's Beyond the Sea, Frank Sinatra's Come Fly with Me, Billy Joel's Just the Way You Are, and many more.

We are holding this battle because our Old Testament lesson for that Sunday is about a "Battle of the gods". Elijah the prophet of Yahweh (The Lord) challenges the 450 prophets of Baal to see whose god is the greatest, whose god can bring fire from heaven and burn the wood on the altar. I am not telling who wins that battle nor how it is won. You will have to come and see.