Spring Has Sprung!

by Jill Klusendorf, Director of Community Life

Let's hope and pray that by the time you read this, that spring is actually upon us weather-wise. It's been a long and gloomy winter. We could really use some sunshine, the sounds of birds chirping to cheer us on throughout the day and some semblance of daylight as we drive home from work, to prepare our family dinners, take the dogs out for an evening run (okay, I walk, they run.) It's just about that time.

While I should have paid better attention in physics, I will say I think I know this much is true: in order to have something spring up, it needs to have originally met with some sort of resistance. The tulips, crocus and daffodils cannot emerge from the ground without the strange gift of the frozen prison they had been entombed in all winter long.

Jesus could not have risen from the dead without heavy resistance. The heavy resistance of those who chose to not believe, those who betrayed Him, those who wished for and carried out His death. Then, against all odds, and against all reason, He sprung up again. The ultimate in (at least for this Easter Sunday) March Madness!

Eastertide brings such joy and immense hope. The sunlight, long hidden, emerges once again, just when it was looking like we'd never see it again. The people you meet on the street, behind the counter and in the crowds just seem to smile a litter longer and a lot brighter. There's a pep in all of our steps! It's as if we are having a collectively better day.
The winter blahs give way to spring hellos. The slush and the grayed snow give way to the cleansing rain, washing away our own version of the resistance of winter, allowing us to spring up refreshed and renewed. Remember, there cannot be May flowers without April showers.

It's interesting to me that a spring is literally a tightly wound coil, it represents what we may be feeling inside ourselves. But remember that that tightly wound coil has the immense power to pop right up into the air, releasing our tightly wound psyches. All it takes is the courage and the faith to allow ourselves to push down hard, dig down deep, and allow that spring to do its job: release and let go. Let go and let God.

When I am feeling particularly spiritually tightly wound and a bit adrift, I go with my go-to fix: do something nice for someone else. Spring is the ultimate opportunity to add some pep in your spiritual step! At CHC, we have many opportunities for you to feed your soul and do something good for others. More detailed information can be found throughout The Dove, but here is what we have for you and your families to get your Eastertide on and allow Hope to Spring Eternal!

Soup Kitchen Volunteering
Kids Against Hunger
Holy Family Ministries Benefit
Misericordia Candy Days