April = Open

From the Latin word Aprilis, April means "to open" or "opening." Of course we all think of buds on trees and flowers beginning to open. Or maybe for you April brings thoughts of "opening day" for the baseball season. April signifies for teachers that we are getting very close to the end of another school year. Having just returned from spring break, teachers are renewed and re-energized to enjoy these last few weeks of the school year. And IF (considering recent weeks, it's a very big "IF") the weather cooperates it means more time in the OPEN air....outside! Which we love to do.

This year, the entire month of April is in the season of Easter. In the weeks of Lent leading up to this glorious celebration, the children in our Church School and All Things Bright and Beautiful had several opportunities to experience the lesson titled The Faces of Easter. In seven panels, the life of Jesus is depicted from His birth to death and resurrection. It has been fascinating to observe how all the children responded to this lesson. By asking "I wonder..." questions, Pastor Heath and Sarah Crawford invited the children to share parts of the story that they thought were the most important. They also shared how the lesson reminds them of other stories they have heard. Their insight is inspirational. When one of the questions was "I wonder why the people were afraid of Jesus when He came into Jerusalem and why they wanted to hurt Him?' Fallon replied; "Because they didn't know Jesus. They didn't know God."  

These children are so OPEN to the power of the stories and the impact they have in their lives. Their enthusiasm is contagious and reminds us all that the open tomb is an invitation to respond to the questions: "I wonder where you are in the story?" or "I wonder what part of the story is about you?" Or my favorite; "I wonder if there is any part of the story we can leave out and still have all the story we need?"  

May this Easter Season find your hearts and minds open to powerful story that binds us all.