Our 2013 Lenten Journey

by Fr. Chris Hardman

Our theme for this year's Lenten Journey is "The Spirituality of the Paschal Mystery."
The mystery of suffering, death, and transformation is the foundational mystery of Christianity, but the church has not done a good job helping us to
understand it nor live it. As you know Americans are not real fond of death and thus do not want to talk about it very much. Here, I am not just talking about our final physical deaths, but all forms of death like failure, defeat, crisis, aging, and disease-anything that makes us aware of our dependence and lack of control. To counter this trend we are going to focus on this mystery both in our adult forum hour and in our Wednesday night "Reel Spirituality" Class.

In our adult forum we are going to look at the primary sacraments of our faith and how they reflect this paschal mystery. We will look at how these sacraments empower us to live lives of faith where we trust that God will bring life out of all our deaths. Then, with the help of Dr. Melissa Perrin, we will look at a practical example of this mystery-the need for our children to face the "paschal death" we call failure. When we as parents continually "save" our children from experiencing failure, we inhibit their growth as adults. This will be a two-part series. In our first session, March 3, Dr. Perrin will outline the problem. Then on March 10, Dr. Perrin will help us develop strategies to address this problem in age
appropriate ways.

Our Wednesday "Reel Spirituality" Class will use movies to help us to understand this paschal mystery in our own lives. In his book Holy Longing, Ronald Rolheiser discusses a pattern of transformation based on the liturgical cycle of the Easter season. Good
Friday, Easter Sunday, 40 Days of Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost form a pattern for how we experience and God helps us through any transition or crisis in our lives. In our first three sessions we will use popular movies to help us identify this pattern of transformation. On the 4th Wednesday we will go out and see a new movie together, and then on the 5th Wednesday we will apply what we have learned to that movie.

"Reel Spirituality" begins Wednesday, February 20 at 6:00 PM. We will share a simple meal and then the program will begin at 6:30. Please join us.

Reservations are required for "Reel Spirituality" and be made a week at a time, or by the whole series at once. You may reserve a spot by either calling Mary Jeffers in the Parish Office at 847-251-6120, or via e-mail at mtjeffers@holycomforter.org.