"Tell Me Where the Christ Child is Born!"

by Pastor Heath

Clearly our Christmas pageant is a highlight for us at Holy Comforter. The wiggly angels and wandering shepherds are adorable. The sound of the Youth Choir is beautiful. Hearing the story of the birth of Christ told through the voices of our fourth, fifth, and sixth graders is touching to say the least. Somehow this
tradition makes this oh-so-familiar story new again, and each year I tend to hear something different.

This year it was the voice of King Herod that stuck with me. As you may remember, in our pageant King Herod marches down the aisle demanding an answer to his one big question, "Tell me where the Christ child is born!" He stops three times along the way and yells with great authority. He wants to know. He feels threatened and scared. He wants answers. He wants to stop this new and dangerous King.

The world in which we live in is full of the same kind of fear and anxiety found in Herod's time. Unjust suffering and pain is all around us. It is easy to feel unsteady, doubtful, and angry when we read the paper or listen to the daily news. It is easy to begin to wonder if this whole Christmas celebration is nothing more than sugary denial, a time to self-medicate on sweets and sappy music. Then, when the decorations come down and our extended family has gone home, we return to reality, to all the pain and suffering we just ignored for a few days. Full of doubt, we begin to ask if the Christ was ever really born at all. Have the Herods of the world won? Have they killed any chance for real Hope, Peace, Joy or Love being found in this world?

No. Absolutely not.

The story we have just celebrated once again is more than a recalling of historical facts. The story has Re-membered us as the people of God. The Christ child has been born.

And what is the answer to King Herod's question: "Where was he born exactly?" "Where may we find him?"

We meet him in the caring conversations we have with our children or spouse. We see him in the eyes of those whom we serve in our home or community. We hear him calling to us in our family bedtime prayers. We taste and see him in the daily ritual of gathering for a family meal. As Christians we know, deep within us, that the Christ Child is born and is found in the simple and grand activities of our daily lives. God is not far away. God is right here. God is with us.

As the calendar rolls over, as the Christmas decorations are packed away, as we look forward to the year ahead, I invite you as a family to make one resolution: tend the Christ Child born within you. To do this, practice the four keys that nurture our faith: caring conversations, family prayers, rituals and traditions, and service on a regular basis. These four keys will help you feed, care for, and love the newborn Christ Child within you. With such a commitment and practice, you will have the answer to the question, "Tell me where the Christ child is born!"

In our homes. Within each of us.

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