From The Desk Of Bill Gordon

Youth Choral Director

I am so grateful for the opportunity, to develop a youth choral program here at Church of the Holy Comforter. Thank you for allowing me to step into this position. I have huge dreams and aspirations for youth vocal music here at this church. Please allow me to share a little about my current teaching activity, as I think it directly relates to the job that I will be doing here at CHC.

Recently, a fierce spirit and calling inside of me that has recently been infusing my teaching. Up until last week, it didn't have a label. Last week, an amazing human being came to talk to the faculty of the Joseph Sears School. His message spoke to me so very deeply, and affirmed the teaching journey that I was headed on was proper, just and necessary. I bought one of his books, and wasn't able to put it down. I think that I have found someone who understands what great teaching is all about, and needs to be at every single educational policy meeting at the state or national level.

"A Spirit Whisperer is any adult who teaches to a child's spirit. She believes that to teach effectively she must address the total trilogy of a child's mind, body and spirit. She stays conscious in the fact that in our current educational system the portion of that trio that is most often neglected is the third part - the spirit. Spirit Whisperers care more about a student's attitude and energy than they do about his ability to memorize. A student's sense of personal power, degree of belief in herself, and level of personal responsibility command more of a Spirit Whisperer's attention than facts and reasons for historical events. Spirit Whisperers care more deeply about helping children acquire a spirit of inquiry and zest for life than they do about the accumulation of answers to trivia questions. Helping students develop an appreciation of diversity and an understanding of the concepts of self-responsibility, integrity, self-expression, awareness, oneness and conscious creation become the tenets of a Spirit Whisperer's mission.

From Spirit Whisperers by Chick Moorman

Since day one of the 2012-2013 school year, an incredible spirit has been flowing through my classroom, as I have been given incredible freedoms to make some changes in my curriculum, and structure classes that are best for students learning. Kids are energized as never before in my classroom, as they are given powers and I think that they realize that their teacher truly cares not only about the music being sung, but more the individual hearts that are making that music.

I am confident that I will attract a good core of young singers to get our program off on the right foot. I am appealing to parents of middle school children and up, in an effort for me to entice their child to come sing and be a founding member of what I hope will be a recognized ensemble for years to come. As a parent myself, I know that kids are so incredibly overbooked. I will go out on a limb and lobby that the time that our youth choir works together will be a time filled with spirit and music. We will learn more than whole notes, but that what we do together as a youth choir helps to make us "whole" people, and the skills we learn in choir will be the same ones that we will take with us for the rest of our lives. What an amazing statement of leadership, faith and spirit it would be for some of our older youth to sit in with younger students and model so much of what they have learned already.

The leader of your church is truly a Spirit Whisperer, an amazing leader. I was amazed by his spirit when he addressed the Class of 2012 at Sears School last June, and getting to know him even more affirms that you are being led by someone truly special. Your director of Christian Education, Mary Johnson, just by reading her Dove article this past month, easily falls into this category as well. I urge the youth to come and be filled with the spirit of amazing vocal music, teamwork, excellence, passion, creativity, professionalism and faith.

The youth choir is currently meeting on Sundays from 10:50-11:35 a.m. I'm asking for these kids to give 45 minutes of themselves for something very valuable and powerful. I look forward to seeing them this Sunday, and to meeting you all soon when the children can share their spirit with you.